Web design services Los Angeles, California: 4 web site design packages including custom web site design, ecommerce web site design, and template based web page design.

  • Custom Web Site Design Package

  • Ecommerce Web Site Design Package

  • Website Design Maintenance Package

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Software Localization

  • We offer more than web design services: web hosting, domain name registration, SSL certificate, merchant account, search engine submission, and search engine optimization services.
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  • Yahoo Stores
      Basic E-Commerce Package: Up to 15 Products, and fully operational $500
    Professional E-Commerce Package: Up to 50 Products, fully operational site including free training for back office for the unlimited uploading and removal of images
    I E-Commerce Package - $3000

    • E- Commerce Web Design Package/Tradeshow Special Pirce

      I. E-Commerce Package:


      • Infrastructure design.
      • Customized graphic layout design, user interface and design refinement.
      • Image editing, HTML coding.
      • Development of shopping cart prior to check out.
      • Real-time online order management and credit card verification (Internet Merchant Account required).
      • Real-time shipping calculation for UPS with custom add-on handling charge.
      • Back-end admin management: product image/description, pricing/qty update.
      • Company news, Privacy policy and Terms and Conditions update.
      • Back-end admin order management including viewing new orders, processing orders, and archiving orders.

      The E-Commerce website design package includes the implementation of 20 products.
      Customer needs to provide product images in jpeg format and product descriptions in Word document format.

      Web development flow:

      1. AbleDesigner.com designs home page mock
      2. Client approves home page mock
      3. AbleDesigner.com makes html home page
      4. AbleDesigner.com designs inner page mocks
      5. Client approves inner page mocks
      6. AbleDesigner.com makes html inner pages
      7. AbleDesigner.com starts programming work
      8. Client walks through, AbleDesigner.com provides training to client and client approves the programming work
      9. AbleDesigner.com publishes the website
      10. Back up:
           a. Free CD back up after publishing,
           b. E commerce website admin area auto back up system included.
           c. Free quarterly update CD backup for long term hosting and
              design customers 
           d. Free monthly auto back up in 2GM Data Center.


    II. Extra charges for web site development:

    • Extra product implementation including 3 images for each product: $5/product.
    • Product image photographed onsite: $10/product.
    • Customized product page programming: $100/category.
    • Password protection area programming: $100.
    • Back Office Training: Free online user guide.
    • Onsite Back Office Training for 2 hours: $150.
    • Images other than the product page images, $10 per image uploading
    • Flash image: $200(max. 5 images)
    • Custom Flash Animation: $500
    • Printable log: $300
    • Custom Form to Mail: $100
    • RMA System : $300
    • POS for Store Manager : $300
    • Right Click protection, $100
    • Custom shipping method programming, $200
    • Real time UPS labeling: $500
    • Custom search feature programming:, $200-$300
    • Custom product pricing by different volume: $100
    • E-Commerce site with features for both wholesale and retail, $500
    • Integrate to quick book accounting system: $200
    • Creating Catalog Pages PDF download: $300
    • Extra language feature: $500 each additional language, translation is not included.
    • Dealer locator with a map: $400
    • Warehouse Management : $500 each warehouse
    • Wholesale dropship : $300

    III. Internet Marketing Services & Fees:

      • Order Page wish list setup: $50
      • Email flier design and set up: $300
      • Electronic gift certificates: $500
      • Shopping by Price setup: $50
      • Product Review setup: $300
      • Coupon Code setup: $50
      • Custom Coupon Code with multi level discount: $200
      • FAQ setup: $50
      • Message Board: $200-$300
      • Scrolling News: $100
      • Custom Event Result: $200
      • Live Chat(one to one): $200
      • Affiliate Program: $500

    1V. Search Engine Optimization work:

    a) We work on client's site

      • Search Engine friendly url: $500
      • Meta tag, alt tag $200
      • Site map, Google site map $300
      • RSS Feed $500
      • Blog $500
      • SEO articles: $10/article. Suggest 100 articles

    b) We work without access to client's site:

      • Adding more one way links: $100/month - 20 links/month
      • Regiter to major search engines $200 one time fee
      • Register in tyloon.com(online yellow pages): $600/year, (10 keywords, 10 major categories)
      • Additional listing on 15 local search engines: $149/year

    c) Advanced SEO work as one package:

      $5000 initial fee, $250/month from the 7th month

    V. Other requirements and fees:

    • Internet merchant account: $0.25/per transaction fee, 2.30% discount rate, monthly statement fee $10
    • Merchant Gateway one-time setup fee for Authorize.net: $149, monthly-gateway fee: $15
    • Integrate with other merchant gateways subject to the system which shall be compatible to  2GM E-Commerce system. The cost is $300
    • SSL (Secure Socket Layer): website transaction security, minimum of 128bit: $75/yr
    • SSL (Secure Socket Layer): website transaction security, minimum of 128bit with a Licensed Seal on website: $249/yr
    • Domain Name annual fee: $14.95
    • Website Hosting annual fee: $139.95/550MB data storage, 20GB data transfer
    • Dedicated server fee $250/month including 24/7 maintenance.
    • Transfer to non 2GM servers: $500 
    • Remove designed and hosted by abledesigner.com and 2globalmart.com at the bottom of all pages: $1000

    VII. Modification request requirements and fees during the process of website development:

    Client understands that design is not an exact science and that the estimated costs and additional costs incurred may not be accurate.
    AbleDesigner will start designing and when all templates are approved, then AbleDesigner will start programming, any change request for redoing approved templates will cause extra efforts, for this matter, AbleDesigner will charge extra fee to cover the extra time and efforts to accomplish this request.
    Before all templates are approved, AbleDesigner allows the client to request changes for their design up to five times for home page and 3 times for any other page for free. Once the Client requests changes more than the limit, the hourly rate for customer design changes is $30 per hour. Customer pays per actual hours, not per estimate. Client may set limits and the work will stop when the limit is reached. Client shall provide AbleDesigner reasonable time to implement all changes requested.  Client understands that work hours incurred because of design changes is added upon the initially estimated design turnaround time.  As a result, the entire project may be delayed depending on the changes requested.  AbleDesigner will apply the best effort to provide the best possible quality.
    FTP will not be released until balance is fully paid.


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